martes, 27 de octubre de 2009

Personal blog URL

Obviously, this blog is not up-to-date. For further information please refer to my personal blog page at Igalia, in

Thank you!

jueves, 24 de julio de 2008

Authentication via OpenID with sourceforge

The purpose of this first entries is to test the creation and configuration of an specific account for OpenID in one of the profiles supported by authentication list:
  • AOL
  • Livejournal
  • Blogger
  • Yahoo
Having already some of this profiles ready to use, i decided to set up my identity via Google, as far as I am already using some of thir products quite often.

So at this point you can either log in Sourceforge with your personal account or register a new user based on a OpenID provider.

Suposing the second one, the registration sends a message to Blogger to ask for confirmation of the confidence on authentication with Sourceforge. Regarding registration forms, they may share information based on specific formats, I will try to take a look into this one day.

So once accepted, you can link your id with the OpenID url provided, ir order to use that url (in this case to log in, never mind the user_id you could register.

I gess that this algorith is based on something similar to SSO behaviour, prepared to filter 'man-in-the-middle' vulnerabilities, but I will review this to have more information :)

Open Id'ing

That's the point: identity.

For the rest of uses of my personal blog, you'd better access to Igalia planet, by far more dinamic and complete :).

Let's see how this of Open Id goes by...